Choosing your Next New Bedford Web Design Firm

Choosing the right design firm for your future website can be challenging. Many companies claim to offer a range of services, but skimp on important areas of design and expertise. It can be difficult to narrow down your selection when there are so many packages and offers to wade through. Before you grab the first […] Read more »

Choosing a New Bedford Web Hosting Company

Whether you’re planning a full-scale business site, a snazzy online business card, or even a personal place for family photos—choosing the right web hosting company is vital to the success of your project. A quality web hosting company typically offers a range of packages and options, allowing you to focus on your individual needs and […] Read more »

“About Us” Page – Why It’s Important

In business, reputation and presence is everything. An “About Us” page on your website builds much-needed presence and establishes your online business identity, with a minimal amount of effort on your part. “About Us” pages show your customers who you are, why you exist, and how you perform your services, and they’re a positive step […] Read more »

How much does a New Bedford Internet web site cost?

The cost of your next web site doesn’t have to bust the bank! Ask a Builder – How much Does a New House Cost? This is a tough question to answer without first getting some information from you. We’ve done web sites ranging in price from approximately $900 on up to $40,000 and beyond. The […] Read more »

Picking a good SouthCoast Massachusetts web site designer

Finding a qualified web designer on the Massachusetts SouthCoast Finding a qualified web designer on the Massachusetts SouthCoast There’s probably a thousand checkpoints for finding a good business (website designers or otherwise), but here are a few that come to mind. The field of website design has seen lots of companies come and go over […] Read more »

Measuring Success With Your New Bedford Internet Web Site

Measure my web site’s success – oh yeah! Measure my web site’s success – oh yeah! Is my Web Site Successful? If you’ve got a web site or are planning on building one, an important question that will come up is how to measure the success of that web site. It’s important to understand what […] Read more »

New Bedford web site owners take note! Vacations can mean more SPAM.

Enough Already! I’m buried in SPAM. You might not have considered how your next vacation could increase your spam load. When you were booking that sunny getaway in Florida, little did you know that while away, your e-mail address might get added to thousands of spam databases – all because you used an email auto […] Read more »

Important rules in web design

Remember these web design tips! I’m often asked by friends and clients in Greater New Bedford for tips on web design. The following is by no means a complete listing of web design tips, but rather some thoughts that are on my mind today. If you can take it, more will follow in other articles! […] Read more »