Achieving a High Google Ranking with Your New Bedford Website

New Bedford Web Design SEO Ranking

A high Google ranking is generally important for any website – or web page. While New Bedford Internet can create a beautiful website design for you, that is only part of the story. A major objective in the development of any website must be to get that site listed in a prominent position in the search engine rankings. We’ll  use Google as an example, since it is the most popular search engine by far, taking almost 70% of the total world search traffic.

Google lists individual web pages and blog posts in order of their relevance to the search term used by individuals seeking information. There are 10 individual listings on each page of organic search results in addition to the paid averts on the right hand side (and sometimes at the top of the left hand side.) There are over 200 factors taken into consideration in the ranking order of these search results. Many of these relate to design factors built into the website or blog itself.

New Bedford Web Site Design

Here at  New Bedford Web Site Design, we make sure that your website is correctly designed to be as search-engine friendly as possible. Not only that, using an easy to use content management system makes it easy for you to generate Google-friendly content, and so maximizes your chances of achieving that all-important Page #1 ranking position in the listings.

Here are some tips to further improve the possibility of your pages attaining a high Google ranking. Good website design is important for sure, but a large part of your SEO effort is up to you and the way you write your content. The old maxim of using 3% – 5% keyword density (KD) no longer applies.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google’s new 2013 search algorithm release, known as Hummingbird, is able to use the semantics of a search term to establish precisely what information the searcher is looking for. Keywords now have less importance than they did previously, and KD is not as relevant. Natural writing is more now important than sprinkling keywords all over the place!

We state in one of our blog posts on SEO basics that you should use keywords at the beginning of your title, and in the first sentence and last paragraph. You may also use them in the body of your content when it is perfectly natural to do so, but not just for the sake of it. If you must count keywords, around 1% would be a good KD – although more or less is also fine if the text reads well using them.

Using local search in your Google listing is also useful to you, and you should also set up a Google+ page. Last year a search term such as “Where is the nearest craft shop to me?” would be meaningless to Google. Now Google’s Hummingbird algorithm can use local search along with the Google+ location of the searcher to provide exactly that!

Other SEO Tips

Google will also reward you for adding a blog to your website. Search engines love change, and the nature of a blog allows ever-changing content to appear on your site. New Bedford Internet can include a blog in your website structure, just like the blog you can find on our own website.

Another SEO tip that is easy to apply is to include a Privacy Policy and About Us page on your site. Google rewards these, and if you intend monetizing your site using Google Adsense, a Privacy Policy is essential for you to be accepted into the program! Including an ‘About’ page, perhaps with a photograph and a bio, is statistically more likely to retain visitors than without one.

These are all little tips that help your Google rankings and increase your stick rate of visitors remaining on your website rather than having a quick look and clicking away. As we said – Google uses 200+ factors in providing a high Google ranking, and only Google knows what these all are. Heck – if we all knew, where’s the fun in that!

We’ll play our part here by providing you with an optimized website design that is easy for you to optimize even further. New Bedford Web Design is here to help you achieve success with a beautifully designed site that is adaptable to any need. We can also help you with advice on optimizing your web page and blog content to offer you the best possible opportunity of achieving a high Google ranking.